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About  Corporate Identity


Every logo speaks about the company, and aims at telling its story. At Trilok Steel Industries, we believe that our logo is our representation to the world, embodying the true personality of the company. Keeping in mind our virtue of simplicity and modesty, the font has been picked accordingly, keeping it clear and straightforward. Blue was chosen as the color because it represents confidence, hard work, optimism and integrity above all – bringing out all the factors that the company stands on.

The symbol placed within the logo holds the true spirit of Trilok Steel Industries. It brings forward our drive for success and uniquely blends our ideals, giving us the strength and ability to strive for excellence always. The three colors of the symbol each define a particular aspect of our company and of our manpower. It identifies with what we believe in and what we look for. While ‘Red’ is fiery and shows our Energy and Passion, it also highlights our Determination and Risk Taking ability. On the other hand, ‘Orange’ brings with it Enthusiasm and Zest, showing to the public and the industry our Open-mindedness and Experimental nature. And finally ‘Grey’, the calmer, the one that correctly portrays our Stability and Flexibility.

Being a circle made up of three distinct strokes, our symbol focuses on the three stages of steel business viz. – Development, Trading and Recycling. It also puts a strong emphasis on our vision to have our presence in all the three spheres of this industry


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